OpenMRS 3.X - demo of current state

Hi Everyone,

together with our development team we just started OpenMRS 3.X investigation - what functionalities it provides and how does it fit our requirements.

I have a question if there is a chance for any presentation/demo of the current state of OpenMRS 3.X (at least some basic functionalities of interest to us like Visits/Encounters, Programs, Forms, Patient registration, Patient dashboard) and the plans for future development (because a lot of features are not implemented yet or are broken).

If there is a chance that some OpenMRS 3.X well-familiar person will show us these functionalities and tell what is planned in the future for each functionality? If yes, can we schedule a meeting or can we join any existing meeting so I could invite my teammates to this meeting?

Thank you in advance Kind regards


Hi @druchniewicz!

Great to know that you and your team have been looking into 3.x and want to know more!

@grace and I would be happy to meet with your team to talk through the OpenMRS Product Roadmap, learn more about what’s on your roadmap, and discuss any potential overlap. Can you suggest some days/times (preferably no earlier than 1pm UTC)?

In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen them, you might want to look at our playlist of 3.x demos on YouTube, our Product Dashboard, and the 3.x Apps & Widget Directory. For more insight into the day-to-day, the best Slack channels to join are #openmrs3 & #ux-design-advisory. These groups meet every week, too.

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Hi @jennifer ,

thank you for quick answer, I will find out about the available time slots in our team and let you know.

Kind regards, Dawid

Hi @jennifer ,

our proposed time slots:

Monday, 4th July, 3:00-4:30pm CET (1:00-2:30 UTC) (preferred)

Tuesday, 5th July, 3:30-5:00pm CET (1:30-3:00 UTC)

Thursday, 7th July, 3:00-4:30pm CET (1:00-2:30 UTC)

Let me know if any of these dates suit you

Kind regards, Dawid

Hi @druchniewicz

Thanks for sharing these dates! Unfortunately, those are very popular time slots and each of those dates have conflicts this week. Any chance Monday, July 11 at 1pm UTC will work for your team? Or Tuesday, July 12 at 3pm UTC?

Hi @jennifer

I’ll contact the team and let you know

Kind regards, Dawid

Hi @jennifer ,

for us the better time slot will be Tuesday July 12 at 3pm UTC. We prefer MS Teams communicator. Is it ok? Can you share your emails and I will send you invites.

Kind regards, Dawid