OpenMrs 3.x add active medication is not working

HI Team, I am trying to setup openmrs in advanced mode. I have set the spa.remote.enabled global setting to true and able see the openmrs 3.x front end components and able to login. I was trying to add active medications.

I am not able to see any active medications. I see the following empty page

The modules being used:

  1. spa-1.0.8.omod
  3. fhir2-1.2.2.omod
  4. referenceapplication-2.12.0-SNAPSHOT.omod

It looks I am missing something on this, please let us know if we need to do anything to restore the active medications.

Are you able to reproduce that here? OpenMRS - Home

The order basket feature hasn’t really been built out into a functional state yet, so yeah, you shouldn’t expect to see active medications for now. There’s active work going on to make it work though.