OpenMRS 3 (O3) on Raspberry Pi?

Hi all, Anyone know if it’s possible to run O3 on a Raspberry Pi?

@grace Since it(Raspberry) can install Docker and or Kubernetes, am sure it’s possible to do some plumbing(Add k8s deployment config) to the 03 distro fork, spin it up and have 03 pods ochestrated by Kubernetes on top of Raspberry Pi. :hugs: Just thinkin out loud

and probably test it out using an online emulator of your choice

or a simpler option just spin up raw containers after installing Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4

What are the O3 hardware requirements vs. Raspberry Pi capabilities?

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Hello, I’m working on a similar project to configure OpenMRS on Raspberry PI 4. I’ve tried different ways and I think I’m on the right track Note about Raspberry PI that Raspberry evolved to PI 4 using 4 to 8Gb Ram . In terms of computing power, Raspberry Pi 4 ships now run with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and can be configured not only with Micro-SD but also with SSD storage. I’m using 1 Tb of storage but can go up 2 Tb

  • The first test I did was to setup OpenMRS under Raspbery PI OS with is a Debian Linux. I managed to install all dependencies for OpenMRs Tomcat, Mysql, …but I encountered a problem with a port listening to connect to the localhost.
  • The Second test was to install Ubundu version of Raspebrry pi, Ubuntu worked fine but was cumbersome to run on my 4gb drive, but if you go for 8gb it might work or if you are good at understanding the ubuntu server version , you can do it
  • I tried to install the OpenMRs with Docker after configuring the docker and containers with the requirements, but it was successful, even consulted an expert docker programmer who checked and let me know that the Docker version of OpenMRS is not supported for Raspberry PI
  • I chose an other route to install windows on raspberry Pi wich seem to be successfully. Windows works fast the same as a computer I’m still having trouble installing MySQL even on my home PC to continue,. But looks on a good track I’ve also managed to run the Raspberry Pi with a PowerBank, which offers greater energy autonomy for fields and areas with a power problem. If anyone is interested to collaborate for this project I’ll be happy to connect my email is
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Thanks so much @bennyange, very interesting. 2 questions for you:

  1. Are you using OpenMRS RefApp v2.x or v3.x?
  2. Can you say more about this: “the Docker version of OpenMRS is not supported for Raspberry PI” I was not aware of any docker version restrictions in O3, and from a quick Google search, I’m not finding anything that clearly states that only older versions of Docker are supported on Pi :thinking: Curious to learn more. :slight_smile:

Excellent question @jslawinski re. O3 Hardware Requirements (and sorry that I missed this 2 months ago) - I’ll look into this and get this documented. Definitely something we should have clearly written down.

HI @grace

  1. I’m testing V3.x. Since now windows is working fine with my Raspberry P4 with 1Tb hard disk and Processor 1,5 GHz (you can also add Rasberry Pi as a cluster for more processing power ). I’m a Windows guy may be why I accounted for challenges with Linux but I guess someone with skills in Debian would make it work. with windows I still have an issue to install MySQL server for V3.x due to dependencies, but Java and Tomcat work fine
  2. Regarding Docker, I managed to install the Docker and follow instructions but I could not go far. I hired a Docker freelancer to fix that but he did not succeed. If anyone has experience deploying Docker that will be a great support to test things together