OpenMRS 3.0 Implementer tools button is not visible

Hi Everyone,

I run OpenMRS application locally with OpenMRS 3.0 frontend but I am not able to see admin tool button: image

I have implementer and dev tools apps deployed so I would expect that I will be able to see this button. I see in source code of browser page that this div element is available but it is empty:

<div data-extension-id="implementer-tools-button" style="position: relative;"></div>

I investigated source code of implementer tools app and I saw that following privilege is required to see this button:

 <UserHasAccessReact privilege="coreapps.systemAdministration">

I logged in with user with this privilege and even all available roles/privileges and it still does not work. Button is not visible.

Does anyone know what can be the issue? How can I fix it?

Newer version of webservice rest module was required. I was using version 2.29.1 and it didn’t work. I used 2.36.0 version and it works fine now. Button is visible now.

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Thank you Dawid for this helpful update - now we know for when others run into this. Is there somewhere in our documentation that we are recommending version 2.29.1 right now?

I don’t know if version 2.29.1 is recommended somewhere in documentation. I guess that I just had this version locally for some reason when I was using OpenMRS 2.X and that’s why it didn’t work for me in OpenMRS 3.0

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