"OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework" wrong "Key Github repo" link on OpenMRS wiki (Fixed)

On the wiki page of OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework the Key GitHub Repo in Quick Start Link redirecting to 404 error It may create some difficulty for those who are trying to start contributing Can anyone Please edit with the suitable link

cc @grace @jennifer


Hi @nkumar, thanks for bringing this up. It’s great to see people using this page!

So it’s not that the page doesn’t exist, it seems to be a GitHub permissions issue. This is what the page should look like, but I guess it’s only visible to members of the GitHub MF Squad Team.

So I’ve done 2 things to follow up:

  1. Updated the link to take the user down to the existing Repos You Should Know About Section. Since I don’t want us to hold people back from contributing/finding those repos, and don’t want us to get bogged down in requests to manually add people to various github teams (since I’m not sure of the added value for everyone), I think the best workaround for now is for me to change that link to go to the list of Key Repos that was already there, just lower down in the wiki:

  2. I’ve requested a Repo Collections Feature from GitHub on Twitter because this seems like a good use-case. Maybe like the tweet so it gets some traction :stuck_out_tongue: https://twitter.com/gpotma/status/1370789041055047682


great :sweat_smile: @grace