OpenMRS 2019 Conference Hackathon - Tagging tickets

Hello, Just wanted to find out who is leading this effort as I think I have a couple of interesting community priority tickets that can be worked on during this time.

The UgandaEMR team can also help in identifying additional Reference App and Core tickets


@ssmusoke I think @samuel34 is in charge.

Thanks @ssmusoke for initiating this thread! It would be great to get feedback from the community on what topics would of interest to the community, so thanks for the suggestions!

This past year, we at Jembi have been involved two OpenMRS and Bahmni implementations, one in Mozambique and the other in Cameroon. So we are interested in exploring topics that relate to that work.

So of the topics that are currently relevant to us include:

  • Extending Bahmni integration with DHIS2
  • Extending Atomfeed sync btwn Bahmni and OpenERP (does not exist atm)
  • Sync2 (still need a specific example of what we could feasibly do in a hackathon for this one, so any ideas are welcome!)
  • Initializer Module
    • Same here, some specific ideas are welcome! @mksd
    • Maybe something like adding an interface to view success & failure of resources imported

There might also be some interest in learning topics that could be facilitated separately (i.e. I believe that the last conference had Bahmni developer training).

So if you have any specific topics you want to learn more about or dig deeper into, then please also suggest! it would be great to hear what is of interest to the community

@lauravignoli @tmvumbi @danfuterman @ningosi @k.joseph @kmurumba @amosh101

Oh yes indeed

  • SDK: not needing to add openmrs (the root is automatically directed to openmrs), caching OWAs in a .m2 folder
  • Report: ability to rerun a report execution with predefined parameters (just like legacy UI), deleting report run outputs etc
  • Initializer: programmable import of data
  • FHIR/REST: Ability to send a request out of OpenMRS to an external server
  • Sync2: This module is so unfinished I think we may need to stay away from it for a hackathon

I don’t really support Iniz to touch data. Importing data into OpenMRS is different topic that can be achieved in many different ways.

We have an alternative to Sync2 that we plan to open up soon. Hopefully before the conference. And btw this alternative can be used to import data in bulk into OpenMRS, here you go :slight_smile:

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@MekomSolutions team, ideas?

@mksd Now you are talking!! Any chance for pre-release access happy to beta test for some needs that we have

Yes I’m working my way through it. If I manage to open it up before the conference we will do a session out there to demo what already exists, explain the design and its limitations, and open up a roadmap to all of you to start contributing.


These are great ideas - and I hope you’ve also seen the ones that @samuel34 shared last week on Talk!

Do you mind becoming less of a perfectionist and open this up now rather than later? :smile:


I need to clear some ownership issues, and improve the READMEs as little it’s true.


Just in case:

As per earlier discussions in the OpenMRS slack workspace #Hackathon channel, @janflowers pointed out the following topics:

  • Microfront end work
  • Improving the fhir module
  • Data migration in OpenMRS


Yep, there’s a conversation that is mostly focused to organizing and planning the hackathon going on in Slack: #Hackathon

Everyone should feel free to continue to use this thread for brainstorming and exploring ideas.

Just a suggestion - maybe the hackathon can have 2 tracks

  • Quick wins: those open bugs or enhancements that can be worked on and cleared
  • Longer term features: kickstarting or continuing the work done by squads which can go on through the conference days

@mksd this sounds great, i am interested in review/contributing to the alternative to Sync2 for the NigeriaMRS implementation. Do you have a timeline to open soon?

Asidethe ideas shared by Samuel OpenmrsMetataData, ProgramWorkflowService there is a need to also improve on a standardized Data Migration roadmap since is now a hot topic within the community. I can share work done by the NigeriaMRS community on data migration from other EMR’s to OpenMRS. @dkayiwa

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Hi everyone, another topic that could be interesting to explore is the bahmni dhis2 integration. This is a very easy way to integrate as it uses the existing bahmni reports:

Is this bahmni specific? Or can i use use it for the OpenMRS reference application?

It is bahmni specific, as it uses the bahmni reports to get the data and then it maps it to the dhis2 data values.

@ggomez @mksd Jembi actually recently used a different approach for data migration using an ETL tool called pentaho data integration (aka Spoon) which has worked well for us. We’d be glad to share what we learned through using it as well.

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