OpenMRS 2.x UI support for OAuth Module

Hi @burke, @darius, @harsha89, @surangak and dev’s

Continuing the discussion from Questions about plans for OAuth 2 support in RESTWS:

I’m new to the developments going on for the OpenMRS UI. I will be exploring the UI Framework in order to support OpenMRS 2.x UI for the OAuth2 module. Should I also be looking at any other module/code to create/deploy/test locally the new UI.? In particular, should I deploy Reference Application locally first?

While going through the [Ebola Example Module,][1] I encountered Groovy Server Pages being used to create the webpages instead of JSP’s. Should I be creating only *.gsp webpages for the OAuth2 module if I have to use the UI Framework i.e is it that the UI Framework does not support jsp’s? P.S - For the oauth2 module prototype, I am using jsp webpages. As there are 4 webpages in total, hence migrating to *.gsp should not be a long process. :smiley:

Also, in order to support both, the legacy UI and the OpenMRS 2.x UI, how should I proceed?

Thanks :smiley: [1]:

The “UI Framework” is some non-required tooling that can make UI-layer development easier. But it’s just a layer on top of Spring MVC, so you don’t need to rewrite any JSPs in GSP unless you want to.

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@maany, based on that, it seems that you can simply re-use the jsp’s that you already have for both the legacy and OpenMRS 2.X based UI work…

@maany let’s finish the initial version with legacy UI, then think about the UI framework in the next phase depend on the comments and feedback.