OpenMRS 2.5 wont let me ignore OWA manager setup

Hi all, It’s been awhile, but i’m setting up OpenMRS 2.5 on my machine. Unfortunately I need to use 2.5 because i’m on a mac M1, and restricted to mysql8 because of other dependency issues. After setting up OpenMRS, I was navigated to the OWA manager screen, and asked to upload OWA. TBH I just need to access legacy behaviours (dashboard etc.) as you would see on, but cant seem to navigate out of OWA.

Is there any documentation on how to bypass this behaviour and move onto the regular dashboards?

Sorry - was able to figure it out myself. I merely downloaded a list of modules and OWA apps from the ref app release, copied them into .penMRS and voila, i’m good to go!