OpenMRS 2.2 UAT Issues/Bugs

Please try to reply your bugs in this thread and they will be added in the list.

There has been a confusion on where to discuss/present the bugs encountered while testing OpenMRS 2.2 on the UAT server i.e. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Server - ( )

I apologize for not properly fixing an area for it’s discussion. I will try to include all the previously mentioned bugs here, if you would like to discuss/present an OpenMRS 2.2 UAT issue, please reply to the list here so that we can have a common area to discuss about them

Here is the list of issues/bugs already mentioned.

  1. Reported by @ayeung - On Visit Note page, it asks to add “presumed” or “confirmed” diagnosis on the left side. However, the checkboxes are shown as “Primary” and “Confirmed” once the diagnosis is added. It might be a typo for the “Primary” checkbox when it should be “Presumed” checkbox. If that was a typo, it should not allow users to tick both “Presumed” and “Confirmed” as they are mutually exclusive. Also, it should remove the defaulted tick for “Presumed” under Primary Diagnosis.
  2. Reported by @willa - I logged in using the admin account, registered a new patient and started a visit, following that I decided to add some allergies to my new patient. On the “Add Allergy” page [please see attached screenshot] I notice that on the reactions section where it says click all that apply, it is actually possible to choose “Unknown” along with other options! I was thinking may be it makes more sense when “Unknown” is chosen then the other options should be disabled? I don’t think it is much of an issue but it is worthing letting the team know.
  3. Reported by @akanter - Unable to add a coded diagnosis in the visit note. I know the diagnosis of Asthma is there in the database, but when I type it in, I don’t have a search. It goes in as uncoded.

This is actually working exactly as intended. It’s not a bug, though I guess it’s not-100%-intuitive behavior. After you choose a diagnosis, there are two checkboxes:

  1. presumed/confirmed
  2. primary/secondary


Why the options for checkboxes on the right side are “primary and confirmed”? Shouldn’t they be “presumed and confirmed” instead?

The UAT server doesn’t allow for any selection of a Location, thus it’s impossible to login ATM.



There are two orthogonal things you are indicating:

  1. certainty, i.e. presumed vs confirmed. If the box is unchecked, it’s presumed, and if the box is checked, it’s confirmed.
  2. order, i.e. primary vs seconday. If the box is checked, it’s a primary diagnosis, if the box is unchecked it’s a secondary diagnosis. (if you check/uncheck the box then the diagnosis moves between the primary and secondary lists)

So for example the primary diagnosis for a visit might be presumed pneumonia, and the doctor might also record a second diagnosis of confirmed diabetes.

As @paul mentioned, i have also noticed that is providing no sessions/locations for the login, @maurya can we establish why since this makes it impossible to test and move the release out.

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Did someone go in and delete all the locations? :smile:

Quite not sure, we may need to set up the server once again to have new data set up

Something strange is broken with the reporting module in the legacy UI:

Go here:

The UI is messed up, and the server logs just say:

ERROR - errorhandler_jsp._jspService(159) |2015-03-27 20:57:51,944| Error on page /openmrs/WEB-INF/view/module/reporting/definition/manageDefinitions.jsp

FYI @mseaton

@mseaton fixed this at @maurya, this means we need to release a new version of the reporting module and include it in the OpenMRS 2.2 release.

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I have just released reporting 0.9.4 containing this fix (along with the fix to allow the module to work on 1.12 following the refactoring out of deprecated reporting code)

when i click on Awaiting Admission i get a UI Framework Error

System Administration>Manage Apps>Add App Definition

I’m getting an invalid JSON error when I copy and paste the raw text from the following json files. registrationappAppTemplates.json registrationapp_app.json refapp_registrationapp_app.json

I can’t find a valid test for this. Can someone point me to a link that has valid json? Thanks, Craig

When try to test the followings:

  • Test Xform
  • Vitals Xform
  • Test HTML Form

I got "UI Framework Error"

@arak2002, I have experienced the same and already documented on google spreadsheet last week. You can update yours there as well. Thanks!

I now understand the UI for the Visit Note (primary/secondary and confirmed/presumed for diagnoses). The layout of the Primary checkbox and Confirmed checkbox are next to each other which are likely to give user the false impression those are for the same question. Actually, they are two different question. Also, the original note on indicated to choose either primary or confirmed which also created confusion. I updated the notes and reflect that they are for two different questions. Hopefully, it would be more clear for other users.

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