OpenMRS 2.2 to be released by 2015-04-23

Hello All,

All the issues that we encountered while performing UAT have been resolved. We plan to release OpenMRS 2.2 by 2015-04-22. We have to release a new version of platform and a few modules that need to be released for OpenMRS 2.2. They are mentioned below:

  1. :thumbsup: OpenMRS Platform - 1.11.2 - this is to be handled by @k_joseph and @dkayiwa
  2. :thumbsup: Core Apps Module - 1.6 - Presently in snapshot version - @darius, @mogoodrich, @cioan
  3. :thumbsup: Appointment Scheduling UI - 1.0.2 - Presently in snapshot version - @mogoodrich, @wyclif
  4. :thumbsup: UI Commons - 1.6 - Presently in snapshot version - @darius
  5. :worried: Reference demo data - 1.4.1 - Presently in snapshot version - @darius, @raff
  6. :thumbsup: Reference Metadata - 2.3 - Presently in snapshot version - @raff

I urge the module contributors to work with the owners to release these modules by today. i.e. 2015-04-20.

–Regards, Sri Maurya Kummamuru

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I released UI Commons 1.6.

Core Apps: waiting on @mseaton and @cioan to get back from holiday (tomorrow?) and confirm their code is good to go => anyone can release this after they have confirmed

Appointment Scheduling UI: waiting on @wyclif to get back from holiday (tomorrow) and confirm his code is good to go => Wyclif should release this when he’s ready

Reference demo data: waiting for code to be reverted, and a fix in openmrs-core about allowed patient names => then anyone can release

Reference metadata: waiting for @raff and @maurya to work out CIEL dictionary.

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The code I changed in coreapps should be good to go.

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@maurya 1.11.2 is now out; OpenMRS Platform 1.11.2 Released

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Appointment scheduling UI 1.0.2 is released


@maurya, is Reference Metadata ready to be released or you still plan to load an updated CIEL?

@darius, @dkayiwa what is your decision on ?

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I would vote for a completely empty global property value by default.

On another note, @k_joseph just released 1.11.2 Does this mean we need to release 1.11.3 before 2.2? I would vote for not requiring so. But rather just clear the default global property value in one of the refapp modules. :slight_smile:

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@raff yes, I’ve made all the changes , I only have to make changes to the test, will send you the pull request soon.

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I have released coreapps 1.6.


It looks like we’re down to two items left. Are these getting done or already done?

Are we clear on any remaining steps to get the release out today?

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CIEL has been updated and is in the dropbox

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Reference Metadata released.

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@Rafa: Thats great to hear it!

@akanter, it’s hard to tell what changes have been made to the 423 concepts in the reference application. I spent about a while yesterday trying to find out what might have changes with these concepts by loading the updated (2015-04-22) dictionary into a system, exported the dictionary as CSV, and then using some Groovy scripting to compare to a CSV dump of the 423 concepts on UAT.

It looks like the first to concepts (1 and 2) were changed from True/False back to Anemia/Hemolysis. Were there other changes to those concepts? You can download the concepts on UAT as a CSV file here.

@burke, I don’t think those were changed. When I click the link for the CSV file I get a blank Excel. Can you be specific what the changes were and I can track them down, but it might be a bug in the load or update script.

@akanter, sorry, you probably have to be authenticated to download it. The authentication redirect is broken, so I can’t give you a single link. If you browse to and log in with admin/Admin123, then navigate to legacy UI > Dictionary (i.e., open this link), you will see the good ol’ “Download the concept dictionary” link at the top. If you are logged into uat01 and click on that link, you should get a non-blank CSV containing 423 concepts. The first two concepts (concept IDs 1 and 2) are TRUE and FALSE. The same is true at; however, when I look at your SQL, the first two concepts are Anemia and Anemia, Hemolysis. Maybe the refapp is overwriting your first two concepts and this is a known bug?

Or, just click here since I’ve uploaded it to this post:

conceptDictionary2342015_1331.txt (90.1 KB)

(You may need to rename the file to .csv at the end to open it with your preferred editor.)

This definitely looks like a bug: we have been trying to set things up so that our concept_ids are consistent with CIEL, so to go “full CIEL” you just run that SQL script. If we have the wrong concepts for ids 1 and 2, that’s a problem.

Perhaps it has to do with this changeset?

I’d guess that is being invoked before the concept dictionary is fully loaded, so it’s claiming the first two concept IDs. Perhaps we need a ticket for this? It’s not going to get fixed in time for 2.2 to be released (imminently?).