OpenMRS 2.2 Releasing Soon

Hello Everyone,

OpenMRS 2.2 is about to be released by March 31st. As you may already know 2.x version releases are a set of modules released on top of the recently release API version OpenMRS to give an out of the box EMR system functionality. The recently release API version of OpenMRS is 1.11 and hence it will be the base API for 2.2. The list of bundled modules planned to be released in this release are

On top of OpenMRS 1.11 …

New Modules to be included:

  • Registration
  • Chart Search
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling UI

Old Modules:

  • logic-0.5.2.omod
  • htmlformentry-2.2.1.omod
  • htmlformentry19ext-1.4.omod
  • htmlwidgets-1.6.5.omod
  • calculation-1.1.omod
  • serialization.xstream-0.2.7.omod
  • reporting-0.8.1.omod
  • metadatamapping-1.0.1.omod
  • metadatasharing-1.1.8.omod
  • dataexchange-1.1.omod
  • idgen-2.7.omod
  • event-2.1.omod
  • registrationcore-1.0.omod
  • uiframework-3.2.1.omod
  • uilibrary-2.0.4.omod
  • providermanagement-2.1.omod
  • namephonetics-1.4.omod
  • uicommons-1.2.1.omod
  • appframework-2.1.omod
  • emrapi-1.1.omod
  • appui-1.1.omod
  • registrationapp-1.0.omod
  • htmlformentryui-1.0.omod
  • coreapps-1.2.1.omod
  • referenceapplication-1.0.1.omod
  • referencemetadata-1.1.omod
  • referencedemodata-1.1.omod

Before the release of Modules we would like to call for feedback from our community members all around the world who would not like to miss a certain ticket(s) in those modules. Please mention the ticket here. If there is a developer already assigned to the ticket we will see if it can be included. If no one is assigned to the ticket we will call out to the developers and see if someone can pick it up. If you can interact with the developer personally it will greatly encourage him to complete it as soon as possible. We know there is not much time for release, but we will try our best to accommodate each of your request.


This is great news. Thanks for the update @maurya!

Will you be doing any overview/preview of OpenMRS 2.2 in a developers forum or University session any time leading up to the release?

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Thank you for the idea @michael. Having a university call about it sounds better than discussing it in a developers forum. I have requested for a time slot around April 15th so that the demo would be ready to present. Hoping for the best :smile:

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I am looking for the omod for the module “metadatamapping”. In the “Install from Module Repository” section of “Add or Upgrade Module”, there is no response to this “metadatamapping”. Would you be able to tell me where I can download the omod for this module?

I am trying to install the omod for “HTML Form Entry UI” as I am going through the user guide. I ran into missing modules one after the other in an attempt to install this HTML From ENtry UI. Any advise how to do this is appreciated.

Hello @sorcerer, If you are just looking to download the module separately and load the module you can download it from here.

But both the modules are provided as a bundle with the war here.