OpenMRS 2.2 Release Delayed

Hello All,

Our goal is to release OpenMRS biannually, each March and September. We apologize for not being able to meet our scheduled time of March, 2015 of OpenMRS 2.2 release.

As you all are aware we were recently set up a user acceptance testing(UAT) server to let users test OpenMRS 2.2. Thanks to the community volunteers, we were able to uncover bugs that significantly broke existing module’s functionality.

All of the issues are being actively looked into by our community members. The major reason for these issues being the transition from 1.10.x for 2.x releases to 1.11.x for a 2.2 release. Though we were able to release all the planned modules. We were not able to fit in an extensive testing period.

We found these issues in only 2 days of testing. Generally, we don’t find major bugs in UAT, as all modules release bug fixes in the new release and every old functionality is already tested. This time we need to make sure all the modules are compatible with 1.11.x(1.11.0 was released earlier and planned to be included but,1.11.1 has been recently released with major bug fixes) and this cannot be made sure in a couple of days and needs some more rigorous testing.

In order to deliver a more reliable product, we are extending our testing period indefinitely (we think it would be around 1 week but it can be more or less) and it depends on the community to decide how soon we can release OpenMRS 2.2. We need our community to dig into the UAT server and test out every function they are familiar with and see that it is functioning perfectly.

To make sure we have tested each module/functionality, we need your help:

  • If you are a module owner/maintainer please check your module’s functionality against 1.11.x setup in the UAT. If you encounter any issues please create a jira ticket and after it gets fixed please release a new version as soon as possible.
  • If you are an OpenMRS community member familiar with OpenMRS or would like to get familiar with it. Please help us test the release and see if you encounter any issues in the UAT server.

We would like to track our testing progress through this globally editable google spreadsheet. Link:

All you have to do is:

Based on the response we get, we will be picking a release date for OpenMRS 2.2. As always, this is a community effort and let’s work towards releasing OpenMRS 2.2 as soon as possible.

–Thank you, @maurya , On behalf of OpenMRS community


After User Acceptance testing, there are a total of 9 outstanding issues for releasing 2.2. out of which:

RA-630 and RA-237 are assigned to @dkayiwa and are Waiting for Testing, @dkayiwa , Can you confirm if these have been thoroughly Tested? RA-228 is Waiting for Testing and RA-629 is in development, both of them are Assigned to @wyclif , @wyclif can you confirm if RA-228 has been thoroughly tested? and When can RA-629 be completed?

There are 5 Issues waiting for work to be done, if any one has some spare time, can anyone pick up any of the tickets and complete them?

Modules have been thoroughly tested Excepting the ones mentioned below:

Event Module - @wyclif , is this module tested in the UAT server? ID Gen Module - @mseaton mentioned he will be doing the testing by weekend if no one else picks it up before. HTML Form Entry - @mogoodrich mentioned a normal run through the module to be working, do you confirm it to be ready for OpenMRS 2.2 release?

Can I get you a CIEL dictionary release this weekend?

Update: only 4 issues of the above mentioned 9 issues are left to be resolved to release OpenMRS 2.2.

Hello @akanter,

The testing has been almost completed with the previous release and issues were also resolved, I am only concerned this might need another round of testing that I am afraid will delay the release further.

Technically this might not need much testing as this is just an import of the list of concepts. This is the first time I’ve imported the CIEL dictionary and I am not sure I am the right person to comment on this. I think if @raff or @darius who are more familiar with it comment on whether it might need a round of testing or not, I would move forward with importing it.

–Regards, Sri Maurya Kummamuru

Hi Maurya,

You should always be able to just pull in the latest version of the CIEL dictionary (like you did earlier, I think.)

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hey @maurya,

Do you have any estimate when the release will be done? I’m planning on doing some improvements on the release builds, but I’d like to do it after this release, so any mistakes would not affect this deadline.

Hi @cintiadr,

We have decided on releasing OpenMRS 2.2 on Wednesday 22 April.