OpenMRS 2.1.4 in maintenance mode?

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number: 2.1.4

Question: We had installed an upgraded version of OpenMRS version 2.1.4 which is currently in maintenance mode. Since we are in the process of migrating our servers, I just wanted to check what are the current issues and how long will this be under maintenance mode?


Best, Raunaq

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cc @ruhanga

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Hi @raunaq ,

There exists a full release(version 2.2.0) already. This has come out fairly recently and the release notes can be found on this wiki page.

Soon we will be having another full release (version 2.3.0) by hopefully mid June this year. You can get updates of the release process from this wiki page .

cc @samuel34, @c.antwi , @mozzy

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Hi Ruhanga,

Thanks for your message. The support for 2.1.4 will cease to exist , or will it be under development mode for a while now?

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Usually when a new major version is realesed in openmrs ,unless when an Implementation or the community specifically needs a feature /or a bug fix in a specified older version, we do not always mantain older versions . usually all new features and bug fixes are moved to new versions. Backporting is not so commonly done.
cc @raunaq @ruhanga @dkayiwa

A version can be supported on a specific request of an implementation usually.

@mozzy we actually do support and maintain older versions up to a certain number. So we back port to those versions.

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Thanks @dkayiwa for the clarification
we have agreed to do our best to support up to three versions

Got that from the wiki page. We support only two versions back from the current released version

@dkayiwa @mozzy @ruhanga - we’re having issues with 2.2.0 as well. Please see - Admin page not working

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Can you share the server log?

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