Opening up the Bahmni Roadmap and Design/Development Process

After lots of feedback from lots of people, we’ve reached a new stage of maturity within the Bahmni distribution, and we’d like to announce the steps we are taking to open up the Bahmni Roadmap, and the Design/Development process for more community interaction.

We’ve written it out in detail on our Roadmap Process and Contributions wiki page.

Executive Summary

  • Until now, the roadmap of Bahmni has been largely decided by clients of ThoughtWorks. However, we have come to believe that the best way to amplify the impact and create an appropriate solution is for Bahmni to belong to the community.
  • Based on this belief, our development team will increasingly work on community-driven roadmap priorities.
  • We use Mingle to manage the roadmap. See it at
  • We have laid out principles of prioritization (e.g. Reliability over Improvements To Existing Features over New Features) and welcome feedback.
  • New features will go through a public design process (on OpenMRS Design Forums or similar) with broad stakeholder involvement, that produces mockups and technical designs.
  • Technically self-sufficient teams are encouraged to develop features, but they must follow the same public design process to have their changes incorporated back into the master branch of code.
  • We have split the Bahmni team into a core product team, and independent project teams, and we are using this approach internally.

Want to discuss?

We’ll be talking further about this on today’s Developers Forum. Please join us there, or continue the conversation here!


This is great!