openhmis -UI Framework Error Root Error: concept0_1_.allow_decimal' in 'field list'

Hello, could please somebody explain a little where to look for, thank you very much! so I try this, because it has a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml // which is our req.

Starting it, ok. login, ok. Then: go to: Find Patient Record, ok. Have a table with names there. “click” onto a name, and the error-page appears, with that error:

UI Framework Error Root Error

com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column ‘concept0_1_.allow_decimal’ in ‘field list’

// to note, there are more issues with that, example the admin - modules gives a 404 … but will think later of that.

Please, could somebody explain to me how i can find the issue, or better: what happens there? in all github repos that I looked through quickly, there is nothing of a “concept0_1_” i assume, that is generated … where?

the “allow_decimal” is a field in a table “concept_numeric”.

does this have a relation to ciel? if so, please how?

ah, please I do not want to please you to debug it for me, rather, please kindly to explain what is happening there … where can I search it myself.

Thank you very much!

quick line of tracking things should be Installing OpenMRS - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Thank you very much @herbert24 taking your time and typing something

Problem was (probably): the concept dictionary was entirely empty (check: pls go into Admin, the fantastic but simple interface, and download, there, the concepts)

so if someone tried the same, goal was to have docker-compose and a Dockerfile (not a finalized image). And realizing that: an “application” will consist of modules without a version history … say, i must know which version of which module fits together.

… so how do other application provider do so? Reading through a lot of question which are available to read for many years (thanks for this great service), found the comment of a provider for an application for Uganda (thanks for this comment) who said, that: they will take the sdk to provide the app (= modules that fit together and the db is updated accordingly) (and they have their own version history, great).

So reading the SDK docs very carefully, the sdk is providing such if using the parameter -Ddir. (thanks to the coders of the SDK, that’s super) Now there is a docker-compose and a Dockerfile, super.

… ah, issue is that it does not run … well will figure it out. Thanks anyhow!