OpenHMIS Modules compatability with openmrs reference Application

I installed openhmis inventory and cashier module on my reference application 2.7.It loads successfully but I am unable to create the bill for the patient.When I first time run my application and visit the inventory setting page or cashier setting page.It runs good,but when I try to post a bill for a patient and then I visit to do the round setting it’s show this error.It will really helpful if you clearly mentioned the platform of openmrs version where these modules worked fine.


@naveed1228 can you please attach the error logs rather than a screenshot, there is normally more details that you can’t capture in a screenshot

You can find the logs at PATH_TO_TOMCAT_DIRECTORY/logs/catalina.out, are you running the standalone?

@naveed1228 The OpenHMIS modules do not currently support the OpenMRS platform 2.x which is required for the 2.7 reference application. We are hoping to include support for the new platform sometime in the near future but do not yet have the release scheduled. Until then, to be able to use our modules you would need to use an older version of the reference application that does not require the 2.x platform.

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