OpenHMIS Inventory module translation

Hello everyone,

I have managed to translate the Inventory module in french except for the operation status. An operation as 4 status: Pending, Completed, Cancelled and Rollback. unfortunately you cannot change them in the message properties file or in a “manage operation statuses” option in the module like you can do for the operation types.

My idea is to change the above mentionned status into “en cours” for pending, “terminee” for completed, “anullee” for cancelled and rollback will stay rollback.

I have been trying to change it through the code without any success. Is there anybody familiar with the module or part of the development team to direct me to the correct files to be affected.

Thank you.

am not sure but do you find a good tool to help you do this auttomatically, am wondering if it’s already uploaded there.

@marafa are you looking for these?

Hi @tendomart,

the link is not available.



This section will just translate the dropdown list of the different statuses.

@marafa you mean this ?

@tendomart this is what i’m getting.

how about

Can you try it out and share a screenshot of what happens?

It should have actually been



As you can see it only changes the dropdown that allows to only display the operations with the chosen status.

Thank you @tendomart. I will have a look.

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@marafa I hope @dkayiwa 's suggestion fixes you