openhmis cashier module problem

why cashier module showing like this and also new cash point button not working

@ibewes do you have any response to the above?

@ibewes on a side note, do you mind creating an OpenHMIS team talk group such that i can always mention it instead of forwarding all OpenHMIS questions to you, even when you may not be available? :slight_smile:

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Hello @shajal, I am part of the team that developed the cashier module and should be able to help with this. What version of OpenMRS and the RefApp are you using? If you are on the latest version (omrs platform 2.x and refapp 2.5+) please note that we do not yet support that version. We do have an update that is currently being tested which provides support for the latest version of OpenMRS but it will not be release for about a month.

thank you @dkayiwa .

Hello @ibewes , yes i am trying it on 2.x platform . i got panicked as well because i wasn’t able to build dependencies from openhmis servers weren’t downloading. thank you for the information btw waiting for the update eagerly.