OpenHMIS Cashier Module 3.3.5 not working with openmrs 2.5

OpenHMIS Cashier Module 3.3.5 not working with openmrs 2.5. Error starting the module service

Kindly share the error logs you are getting using pastebin

@asamba I come a cross this guide OpenHMIS Cashier Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki and basing on the installation requirements, the module requires Platform 1.9.9 and java 1.7.

OpenHMIS Cashier Module Error File.txt (776.6 KB) Here is the error file

You need to compile the latest snapshot version of this module: GitHub - OpenHMIS/openmrs-module-openhmis.cashier: The OpenHMIS Cashier Module

It has the fix for the error that you are getting.

Thanks Daniel. I am not a programmer and I don’t know how to compile. Is there anywhere I can get the compile file.


@insiderish is @BandaHealth still supporting this module?

ok I will contact them to see if they can help me.


Thanks, as always, for highlighting this, @dkayiwa. We haven’t been actively developing this module for a while now and so I’m really not sure if it will work with OpenMRS 2.5. If a simple rebuild is all that is required we should be able to do that but if more work is needed then it will be a little while until we’re able to get to it (if at all).

Thanks. I think the Cashier Module is vital to make this software a complete one. It will allow you to track both patient records and the payments in one place.