OpenHMIS Cashier 3.4 & Inventory 2.4 Upgrade

Hi Everyone,

The Banda (formally OpenHMIS) team is glad to announce our newly upgraded OpenHMIS Cashier and Inventory modules. These releases seek to address most issues that came about by upgrading to the 2.x interface.

Some of the bug fixes include:

Cashier 3.4

  • Update Patient Dashboard 2.x Bill Links to go to 2.x Bill Page
  • The total amount paid (not tendered) should be considered when creating an adjustment
  • On the Bill Page, setting Quantity to Negative is Difficult
  • On the create Bill page, payment amount should not be autofilled to zero

The full list of the fixes can be found here

Inventory 2.4

  • Allow use of a datepicker when creating an initial operation on an item with an expiration
  • On the create operation page, the Return operation fails when patient is selected
  • Create Operation - Receipt Doesn’t save if some items don’t have expiration

The complete list of bug fixes can be found here

Our demo site has been updated with these modules as well.

Credentials: demo/Demo1234

Full Documentation:


Kindly don’t hesitate to reach out to us if/when you come across any issues while installing/using our mods.

Our issue tracker

Our Chat room:

With thanks,

Andrew, Banda (formally OpenHMIS) Team

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This is great work Banda Team!!! :smile:

@elechero you may wanna take a look at this.

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I came across this error after clicking payment process button…I need help in this regard.

"An error occurred during the request.

[status on class org.openmrs.module.openhmis.cashier.api.model.Bill]

Code: status on class org.openmrs.module.openhmis.cashier.api.model.Bill"

Hey @dailyshelter

Thanks for reaching out. What openmrs version are you using? And have you set up ‘Bill rounding’ in the Cashier Settings? If not, use this.



Thanks I sort it out, it was the bill rounding issue.

@insiderish Is cashier module work with openmrs refapp 2.10 or 2.11? Is any development going on this.