OpenHMIS Cashier 3.0 and Inventory 2.0 Module Releases


The OpenHMIS team is happy to announce the release of new versions of the Cashier and Inventory modules, versions 2.0 and 3.0 respectively! The major new feature in these releases is support for OpenMRS 2, alongside our current support for the standard UI. Also, both the Cashier and Inventory modules have a number of bug fixes included in this release.

The Inventory Module adds the following features:

  • Added the Stock Take page
  • Ability to add custom Item Attributes
  • Ability to Rollback Stock Operations
  • Ability to create historical Stock Operations
  • Improved Stockroom UI
  • Improved Stock Operation processing

A complete list of changes for these releases can be found:

Please note that supporting both OpenMRS 2 and the standard UI required updating the minimum required version of the OpenMRS Platform from 1.9.4 to 1.9.8.

Demo We have demo sites set up at and running the latest version of these modules on the standard UI and with OpenMRS 2, respectively. The credentials for both sites are demo:Demo1234.

We welcome any feedback or questions that you may have; please let us know what you think and any feature requests that you may have. If you notice any bugs please submit them here:


We also have a public chat room that where anyone is welcome to ask questions:


Thank you to all who helped with this release, especially including those who continue to give us feedback and take the time to give us bug reports.

-Wes Brown Lead Developer OpenHMIS Project


glad to hear that modules supports the updated version.Please confirmed does the modules also supports the restful api?

Hello @naveed1228, sorry for the delay in responding to you. Yes, our modules do have a restful API.