OpenERP Warehouses and Location

I have some questions on OpenERP warehouses and locations.

This is the default setting of the warehouses

1 Stock Room Stock Room Pharmacy Output 2 People’s Hospital Stock Stock Output 3 IPD Stock Room IPD Output 4 OT OT OT Output 5 Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory Output 6 BPH Storeroom Stock Stock Output

And for locations

1 Physical Locations / Your Company / Output Internal Location 2 Physical Locations / Your Company / Stock Internal Location 3 Stock Room Internal Location 4 Pharmacy Internal Location 5 IPD Internal Location 6 OT Internal Location 7 Laboratory Internal Location 8 BPH Storeroom Internal Location

My goal is to have correct count of stocks for each physical locations

  • stock room (this is where the default location for procurements)
  • pharmacy (the stock here comes from stockroom)
  • Emergency Department (the stock here also comes from stockroom)

My question:

Pharmacy gives out drugs to patients thus they need their own stock count. The stock count in Emergency Department should not be accounted as “available” stock since they can be sold off to patients. Is this correct ? How can I achieve this ?

Also I notice one thing. The quotation that was created automatically in OpenERP has “Pharmacy” as the shop name. This means the drugs given are taken out from the Pharmacy stocks. However in the Emergency Department, there are some cases the patient are given drugs on the spot for the treatment.

Lets say the quotation contains

  • Panadol (5 tablet) from Pharmacy
  • Panadol (2 tablets) given on the spot in the Emergency Department

Can the quotation takes 5 tablets from Pharmacy stock and 2 tables from the Emergency Department stock ? Is there any workaround for this ?

I think you can achieve this. In OpenERP -> Sales -> Order type Shop mapping, you can set location name as emergency location, order type as Drug Order and shop as required. In this case, all the drug orders from the location configured will show up as quotations for the given shop name.

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Is this in one quotation or two? Because in one quotation I only can pick one shop name.

Two quotations

hallo!! I have the same problem. I have done as for above instruction but still it shows that the drus are from pharmacy, where can I be wrong?? help please.

can any one please help me on how to link the bahmni login location and the shop from openERP as I have seen that the shop can be associated with the login location to show which drug is from which shop?

Have you done this “In OpenERP software check if: Sales --> Configuration --> Order Type Shop – Shop Mapping:” as mentioned hereCheckShopMappinginOpenERP)

Yes, I have done that already