Openerp server running.. but cannot be reach via browser

Hello, On checking the status of openerp, it says openerp server is running but when I visit it on the browser, it is unreachable. both emr and openelis work fine. What can I do? @sravanthi17 @binduak

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@dpresence I think you may need to provide more information here. What version of Bahmni? How are you accessing ERP, e.g. what URL? Was it working before, or is this a new install?

Its a new install and its the latest version of bahmni, its on CentOs 6.8. I am accessing it via :8069. It has never worked since after the installation but I can confirm that its running in terminal

May be you are accessing using https. If yes, please access using http. URL would be like “http://ipaddress:8069

I am accessing it with http not https. @arjun @sravanthi17 @darius

Hi @dpresence, Can you please check 8069 port is open or not. You can’t access openerp in the browser if the port is not open.

thanks, port open, issue resolved