OpenERP Purchase Order - Incorrect Credit/Debit in Purchase Journal Entries

(sameer gije) #1

Login to OpenERP Billing on

  1. Create Purchase Quotation
  2. Confirm Purchase Order
  3. Accounting->Journal Entries->Open the recent Purchase Journal entry
  4. As shown in this image it shows Debit to Supplier, Credit to Tax and purchased item. It should be exactly reverse.

To confirm login to ODOO demo and follow the same steps mentioned above. The below image shows Credit to Supplier, Debit to Tax and purchased item which is correct.

(sameer gije) #2

Any help on this? @angshuonline @pkanchankar

(Ajeenckya Gadewar) #3

Hello @sameergije Have you done any changes to default Bahmni OpenERP like adding any new module or creating a custom module?


(Angshuman Sarkar) #4

I think he is saying that it is replicable on demo instance

(sameer gije) #5

Actually in my server i face this same problem so to verify it i have checked on and it was showing the same issue in it. And i have made 2 companies in my erp but not installed or change any module.

(sameer gije) #6

Can we open a bug for this? With high priority? Because if the credit / debits are incorrect then the whole purchase module is of no use in Bahmni ERP.

(Angshuman Sarkar) #7

If you can replicate this on demo, please create a card for this in JIRA. Please provide adequate information on how to replicate the bug on demo instance.

(sameer gije) #8

Will this get fixed in newer version ODOO?

(Himabindu Akkinepalli) #9

It might get fixed in the latest Odoo 10 version but we are not sure at this point of time. Its a good idea to have a JIRA card created now. We could use this JIRA card for testing Odoo 10. Let us know if you face any issue creating JIRA card.