OpenERP Discount configuration for sale orders

Hi Everyone i have a concern regarding OpenERP Discount configuration. I’m using Bahmni version 0.89 And when I try to configure Discount heads in OpenERP, in the “Discount Account Head” field of the quotation or sale order, the account list is empty. I configured several accounts for categorising discount heads, but nothing is working. Can you help me find a solution ? Find below a screenshot of what i’m talking about.

Here are the accounts that i’ve created


hi @soopafly In Bahmni Pharmacy module to be able to give discounts, OpenERP expects an Account called “Discounts” to be present as Parent account.

To setup follow these steps: Goto Accounting > Accounts > Accounts Search for “Discounts”. If not present, create it -

Goto Accounting > Accounts > Accounts > Create
Enter Account Code e.g. 222 or Disc
Enter Account Name - Discounts
Choose Parent e.g. Overheads or Cost of Sales
Internal Type - View
Account Type - Expense View

Once setup you need to make this “Discounts” account as the parent of Discount accounts that you have created e.g. “Needy Discount”.

Edit your Discount Accounts as follows:

  • Choose Parent - Discounts
  • Internal Type - Regular
  • Account Type - Expense
  • Save

Thank you very much Pankaj, It’s OK now! i was missing the final “s” in the name “Discounts