openELIS translation


I’m trying to translate openElis into Spanish but I’m not sure where to start looking at. Any pointers are very appreciated.


  • Enrique

The OpenELIS messages are in this file (in English):

And in this file in French:

If you want to add new translations for Spanish, then it will require a new file, in the same folder, called:

There might be some other changes needed to be done to “enable” the locale. I am not sure what all. For instance, I see “fr” in the following places too:

Maybe someone from Bahmni team can explain what needs to be done for “French”. And then something similar can be done for Spanish.

From IRC, i saw @bharatak made a comment yesterday saying:

@enrique Bahmni’s version of OpenELIS doesnt support complete internationalization… There are certain elements like Dashboard which cannot be translated.

My guess is, that for Dashboard, the code may need to be enhanced to read strings from the properties file, just like rest of OpenELIS.

@decote, did you receive the email from Paul Schwartz giving you some additional information? He sent that over, but I think he sent it through the OpenELIS mailing list, so I’m not sure you received it.

I did not get that. I wasn’t aware of a mailing list. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks

Thanks @gsluthra I’ve tried this, then generated the war file and deployed as you suggested in another post. No error messages, war file was created, shut down bahmani-lab service depolyed the war file to /etc/bahmni-lab/etc, started the service again, reloaded the page and the result is still the same. Nothis was translated.

Any idea why?

Can you maybe change something temporarily on the login page (like add a “Dummy string” message) to confirm that your new war file was actually loaded?

If your new war file was actually loaded, then we will also need to maybe change the default language to Spanish… since right now it must be English. Did you do something for setting the default language? I think will need a defaultLangLocale property to be set.

Also I see this flag (allowLanguageChange) is false. Maybe try setting this to true:

You’re right, the new war file is not being loaded. Just copying it to /opt/bahmni-lab/etc/ is not enough.

Hi @decote bahmni-lab contains an embedded tomcat which is configured as a service. The exploded war of bahmni-lab is available at /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab. If you want, you can rebuild bahmni-lab and copy it to this directory.

Thanks @bharatak, this worked like a charm.

Hi, I’m looking also for a spanish translation of openElis, and have been looking this post, but as a Biochemist I don’t have any idea on how to build a war of bahmni-lab. Can you help me (preferably in spanis) with instructions on how you succeeded in this translation? Or can you share your translated bahmni-lab? I thought that the translation could be made by translating some labels, but now I see it’s not that easy! Thanks in advance for any help

Hi @german2209 Bahmni uses the fork of the OpenELIS project. We did some customizations to it which unfortunately do not conform to the i18n standards (i…e there are some hard codings in english). But the original project supports i18n. What it means is that you might still be able to translate it to spanish except for some pages (like Lab Dashboard) customized by Bahmni team. You can refer to a sample French translations here. This link might provide some technical detail on how to go forward.

@bharatak: Are there any Mingle Cards for this item which people can subscribe to?

To see the “Language Switch” option, one needs to fire an update query in Lab Database to turn on the flag. Here is the documentation:

Currently OpenELIS seems to only support English & French (for some screens).