Openelis requester name is empty

I am trying to find out why the submitted lab order does not have “Requester’s Name”. The dropdown is empty as shown below

Any idea what might caused this ?

Hi @abiieez, Please refer to Bahmni OpenELIS Provider/Requester configuration WIKI.

At OpenMRS

select uuid from provider where identifier = ‘superman’;

  • uuid = c52d544a-7d55-11e5-acdf-90fba67c4298

*** This uuid will be added as external_id in the openElis provider table.


insert into person(id, last_name, first_name, middle_name) values (17323, ‘Man’, ‘Super’, ’ ');

insert into provider(id, person_id, external_id) values (40, 17323, ‘c52d544a-7d55-11e5-acdf-90fba67c4298’);

** You have to run the update query if you have already the person or provider. UPDATE QUERY

update provider set external_id = ‘c52d544a-7d55-11e5-acdf-90fba67c4298’ where id = 40;