openelis not syncing results back to openmrs

@angshuonline @sravanthi17 I have done a vanilla installation of bahmni on ubuntu OS (ie installed odoo, openmrs and openelis separately). Everything is working fine except after syncing lab orders to openelis, I cannot reciprocate the results back to openmrs after openelis result approval.

  1. The openelis-atomfeed-client-omod module is installed and running
  2. This org.bahmni.module.elisatomfeedclient.api.task.OpenElisPatientFeedTask scheduler is running
  3. This org.openmrs.module.atomfeed.scheduler.tasks.EventPublisherTask scheduler is running
  4. Empty records in openmrs failed_events and markers tables

I am new to atomfeed architecture which limits my troubleshooting ability;

  1. How can I confirm if the openelis lab results are being published in atomfeed?
  2. What else could I be missing in configurations?

Which version of Bahmni are you running?

version 0.89

Why not 0.92? Also any specific reason for using Ubuntu? I am guessing that you either did that manually from source or used tools like “Alien”. If you are trying this on a dev machine, try either vagrant or docker.

Am trying to recreate the same problem I had running bahmni on vagrant which I was never able to resolve. I guess I will try version 0.92. Although my main concern is where should i check whenever openelis stops syncing with openmrs?