OpenELis - Lab Results - Optional dropdown to record Test Status for each test

Application Name: OpenElis Version Number: 0.91-22

Question: This is to discuss the new requirement one of the clients has brought up with respect to Lab Results page shown for a patient.

The requirement is to add an additional drop down column to the results screen allowing user to select one of the options as test status. This will be recorded by the application for reporting purposes. Below given are the steps to navigate to the screen.

  1. Login to OPENELIS
  2. Click on “Results” tab on the top header, and select option “By Patient” as shown below.
  3. Enter the patient ID for whom the test results to be pulled and click on run search.
  4. From the search result page “Get Tests for Patient” for a given patient.
  5. This shows up the results page as shown below. Please find the additional “TEST STATUS” column header to be added. The status column might have options like success, sample delayed, sample clotted etc. Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 5.10.49 PM

Given the fact that OpenElis is not currently supporting configuration changes per client, this will be a generic solution and hence we want to discuss this here. Please add in your inputs.

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I think this would be nice. I would prefer the “Status” column to be non-editable.

Thanks Angshu.

Can you elaborate on what do you mean by status column non-editable?

As mentioned, the column would be a drop down and options would be populated for the user to select one among them. As in not a free text field.

Meaning, LIS has a workflow to get the status updated and we should not be allowing the status to be updated from the list shown - unless you intend to validate such actions.


But as mentioned, the client is wanting to have a drop down/ list of options to select appropriate status for each test.

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