Openelis giving 502 Proxy Error

I need help for the following

  1. Am currently facing 502 proxy error almost every 3 days with openelis.
  2. Again after running about 5 reports on bahmni report am unable to run report again, giving me error unless I restart the server. Could this be memory insufficiency? Am using latest bahmni 0.90 with 8g RAM

I am also facing same issue.

Hi @barnaby85, it looks more of a memory issue to me.

Can you please clarify 8GB RAM is allocated for Bahmni Virtual machine or is it your machine total RAM ??

The 8GB RAM is for the machine total memory. Am running bahmni on centOS 6.9 not on windows. If so is there a way to allocate RAM for bahmni

@barnaby85 8GB RAM enough for Bahmni (EMR, ELIS and ERP) to run. When we do the first time installation openmrs will take up 100% RAM usage for indexing for first 30 mins. After that you will not face any memory issues. That might be one reason for not able to access openelis. Are you still facing the issue now ??