OpenELIS english manual

I know this is most likely the wrong place to ask. However:

The bundled OpenELIS installation of Bahmni comes with a french manual (PDF). Currently my Internet connectivity is limited, so I couldn’t do a full web search. But so far I couldn’t find an english version of this.

Pointers/hints on where I could find such a documentation are welcome.

I have attached the older OpenELIS reference manuals I had found on the Internet here:

I hope this helps.

Thanks Gurpreet. It might be that I’m not that familiar with OpenELIS and its potentially different ‘flavours’. I’ve seen the 2nd PDF (OpenELIS manual from the university of Iowa), but the screenshots don’t look like the OpenELIS version of my installation. Can you confirm that this is supposed to match ‘your’ OpenELIS version?

I yet need to download the others though.

@lober or @janflowers, could either of you point @cine to an English version of the OpenELIS user documentation? See thread above.

Thanks! Mike

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Hi @cine and @gsluthra …Your confusion is understandable! There are currently 2 different code bases for OpenELIS. One is for the U.S.A public health reference laboratories specifically (the Iowa version that you mention is for this). The second is OpenELIS global, which is forked from the early versions of the Iowa codebase and drastically modified since to be used in resource limited clinical laboratories. In addition, the US version has gone a complete rewrite and no longer shares any code with the global version. Thus, the US version (Iowa) manual will not be helpful in any way for the global code.

Since the original fork of OpenELIS global, there are additional forks - OpenELIS Bahmni and OpenELIS Vietnam. In the OpenELIS community, we are actively discussing how to come back together and make things a bit clearer as to what code base is used where, places we might be able to merge the code, etc. But for now, this is the way it is. So here are the known repos out there for the various ‘flavours’:

OpenELIS global by I-TECH (used in Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, and Kenya)

OpenELIS Vietnam by APHL/CDC no public repo, but the user manuals are here:

OpenELIS Bahmni by Thoughtworks

There is also a lot of documentation with I-TECH, but I don’t believe that they make that publicly available. Hope this is helpful in some way!

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Yes, this helps to clarify a lot. Didn’t know that there is a dedicated fork for Bahmni.

From a technical position it would be interesting to know the differences between OpenELIS Bahmni and OpenELIS global.

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I agree. Will you be at the Summit next week? If so, it would be great to have a discussion about it with the Thoughtworks folks. Otherwise, maybe @darius can point us to the right person to tell us what they have changed with OpenELIS.

Sadly not. So I hope @darius or parts of the Bahmni team who participates at the Summit will be able to do so.

@janflowers - we will have Vivek Singh, Vinay and Hemanth – all from the Product Development Team attending the conference (and me too). They will be able to explain the improvements which were done to OpenELIS after forking it. See you at the conference : )

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Great! Let’s definitely find some time to talk about OpenELIS and Bahmni. I’d like to figure out what to do with the OpenELIS code, the community, what people want to do with it/etc. See you at the conference! Safe travels.

@janflowers: Where exactly is the link to the Iowa OpenELIS version? Did they make it public? I think I can access it online but I am not able to find the SVN or git repo?


Hi @ions, The U.S. version (Iowa) is held in a private repository at University of Iowa. Here’s the code contribution governance statement they have:

The user manual is

You can get in touch with the developers and gain access to the codebase by contacting Gary Jones through the website or PM me and I’ll send you his email address.

Thanks @janflowers. I will follow ur lead. Also do u know where can I find the instructions for Bahmni OpenELIS as I cannot see default username password mentioned to enter into the system and is it possible to run just OpenELIS as standalone disconnecting it from other components.

Yes, you can run it as a standalone by using the code here:

I don’t know the instructions for Bahmni, but @darius might.

@janflowers: Thanks, I was able to run that and found the default password. I am unable to find how to print a label for the sample with barcode, not sure if that functionality is in here. Is there any guide where we can find any info about this functionality?


This is my suggestion to install standalone openelis. You can choose to install only openelis by configuring the inventory file to have an entry under “bahmni-lab” . Follow the documentation

Then remove bahmni-lab-connect rpm which is the atom feed integration for elis and emr yum remove -y bahmni-lab-connect

Please comment if others have any other suggestions.