Openelis data is not syncing with bahmni EMR UI

I have installed bahmni v0.92 in Centos 7.8. The application is working fine before 2 days. When the doctor fill the data in consultation part is visible in the openelis before 2 days, when I restart the application and creating new user and consulting is not going to the openelis environment. In the samples to collect tab the patient should be displayed, but now it is not displayed, the previous data is available in the Samples Collected tab.

Try to clear the entries in markers table in OpenELIS if you face the sync issue from openMRS to openELIS. If you don’t see the entires in markers table then there might be a problem with atom feed sync. In that case please share the /opt/openmrs/log/openmrs.log file to check the errors.

psql -Uclinlims clinlims -c "delete from markers;"

@buvaneswariarun anyway I am reinstalling the Bahmni, so my issue will get’s resolved. But if you observe in the demo application, when doctor completes his consultation, then the flow will go to the OPENELIS, here the result’s will enter and validates the result’s then the results need to display in the patient dashboard, but it is not displaying. Please check the same and provide me the solution.

Truly said. Thats how the actual application works. In case it doesnt work, there are some workarounds generally we try to make it work. one is deletion of content of the marker, table which will restart the sync. Hence I suggested that. Check this link, a lot of similar workarounds were discussed.

@buvaneswariarun while executing the bahmni install I am getting the following error

ERROR! ‘sudo’ is not a valid attribute for a Play

The error appears to be in ‘/opt/bahmni-installer/bahmni-playbooks/all.yml’: line 1, column 3, but may be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.

The offending line appears to be:

  • name: bahmni-emr-TDD ^ here

Can you confirm your ansible version? Also what is the installer version that you are trying to use?

@buvaneswariarun I am trying to install 0.92 and ansible version is ansible-, I am installing in centOS 7.8

this is the total error:\

Kindly paste the logs again, not able to retrieve it from the path mentioned.


Are you working on a vagrant or its an instance?

I am trying to install Bahmni in centOS using

can you do a yum remove ansible and then try to install bahmni again? looks like ansible is not installed properly

@buvaneswariarun I have another doubt, How the registration fee receipt will be given to the patient. I have verified in the Odoo, in that there is no consultation fee. How do we need to give the bill invoice to the patient.

Kindly go through this talk thread. They have discussed couple of solutions here that can be implemented.

@buvaneswariarun it seems we need to develop the things right?, Other than developing it is there any alternate for providing registration receipt to the patient?

You have to make a new html template and put it in openmrs/apps/registration/apps.json file of your implementation specific config. Please checkout default_config/openmrs/apps/registration/registrationCardLayout/printWithBarcode.html

You will have to write something similar to this and place it in your config. Registration fee can be got from obs table. Use something like {{obs[‘Registration fee’].shortName}} to get the fee detail and populate it in your template.

@buvaneswariarun in order to develop this which project I need to take checkout, I am using java. What is the url to take code checkout.


@buvaneswariarun while accessing the odoo(billing), when I click on Confirm Sale in the Quotations tab, it is just showing create Invoice, print, Send by Email, Cancle, Lock, Latest Prescription options but not the validate amount page. Is there any configuration required for that.

Kindly start a separate thread while discussing different issues. It will be easy for others who come in search for solutions to similar problems.