OpenElis Custom Module add roles


Hello Team, I have created a custom module on openelis (thanks to the community here) and now i can access it with admin credentials, Problem is when other users want to click the same link to that module it says: You are not allow to access to this module. Please contact system administrator. I know somewhere i have to add the link to the roles not so sure how and where. Please help

Hi, Can you please share a screen shot of the issue.

Are you defining an action mapping for this in struts config? Ideally you would define it there for an action mapping with attribute “role”.

Unfortunately, OpenELIS is not so straight forward! :frowning:

Things are all mixed up as part of ‘BaseAction’, and how this is accessed and validated and how it is set


  • you create a “system_role” (thats what you assign from admin => manage users)
  • define a “system_module”
  • define association of the role and the module in “system_role_module” (whether can select/add/update/delete)

These need to be done in “clinlims” postgres database - which you can do using liquibase migrations.

Hope the above helps.

so one image show the link with admin priv and other when other user trying to access it

thank you, i will give it a try and let you know