OpenELIS and OpenMRS interoperability using FHIR

Hi all! We have recently updated our OpenELIS Global 2.6 with some new functionality to integrate with OpenMRS using FHIR, I have the demo video here: OpenMRS and OpenELIS Interoperability using FHIR - YouTube

You may know OpenELIS Global from the 1.x version packaged with Bahmni, this is the OpenELIS Global 2, which has many differences including being written in Java Spring with up-to-date, secure technology stacks, FHIR APIs, bi-directional analyzer interfaces, and more!

The OpenELIS Global software is an open-source enterprise-level laboratory information system built on open source web-based technologies that has been tailored for resource-contrained public health laboratories.

The software serves as both an effective laboratory software solution and business process framework. It supports the effective functioning of public health laboratories for best laboratory practice and accreditation.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Or if there are other demos you’d like to see! We are working on integration with OCL to be able to share concepts/terminology services with an OMRS installation as well!

Best, Casey Iiams-Hauser OpenELIS Global product owner