OpenConceptLab Web BAD REQUEST (400) Error

Hello everyone, I’m trying to deploy OpenConceptLab on a local server following the instructions available on GitHub.

I have a CENTOS 7 server with both dockers working fine on DEV. When I try to run OCL_WEB in PRODUCTION mode as per the instructions ( with “docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up” I keep getting a “BAD REQUEST (400)” response when I try to access the app. FirewallD, IPTABLES and CELINUX are DISABLED or on PERMISSIVE mode.

StackOverflow mentions that ERROR 400 on Django means that the host in not among the ALLOWED_HOSTS, but despite of adding them on the config.settings, it still won’t work. This issue has kept me from sleeping more than I would like to admit and I’m running out of ideas.

Best regards and please help.


@ehebel, do you have anything in oclapi logs that indicates a request from ocl_web reaches it?

Please share your full logs via pastebin for both oclapi and ocl_web.

Did you modify config/code in any way or are you running from a clean master?

Thanks for the quick response Raff.

I recreated the error just now and no error log is generated, nor on the oclapi or the ocl_web side. Since the connection is initially rejected no log seems to be generated on either side.

I’m running the code from a clean master. Simply git clone … && docker-compose -f …





@ehebel, we don’t really support setting up OCL on-site for production use, thus it’s not being properly documented (kept up to date and tested), but you could try our production config at:

.env is encrypted so you need to delete it and create your own as described in READMEs. If you run oclapi and oclweb on the same machine the OCL_API_HOST in .env in oclweb should be set to http://localhost:8000. Also make sure OCL_API_TOKEN is the same in oclapi and oclweb.

Both are being run with docker-compose up