Open Web Apps Tooling & Docs

I’ve created a Yeoman generator to scaffold OpenMRS Open Web Apps. It creates the basic folder structure, a demo page, a Gulpfile to build and deploy locally and supports package management with Bower. This is what it looks like:

OpenMRS OWA Asciicast

My proposal for the development workflow can be found on the wiki here. I made a short screencast demonstrating the proposed workflow here:

Most of this work is just automating what @darius already did here and here.

I did this in an attempt to improve the developer experience for developers wanting to build JavaScript apps on top of our platform. The next step will be to create a JavaScript Library that wraps the API and provides other basic functionality. I will be requesting input on this on a design call soon.

Let me know if anyone finds this useful, or has more ideas regarding how to improve the experience for JavaScript developers.


Great work!