Open Web Apps sprint!

We’ve just started a new sprint on Open Web Apps! Our goal is to make the Open Web Apps development even easier by adding missing elements like:

  1. Testing setup for OWA in AngularJS and React
  2. Adding openmrs-sdk:watch-owa for ease of development on SDK servers with browser-sync
  3. openmrs-sdk:build support for globally installed version of node and npm
  4. Migrating from maven-frontend-plugin to openmrs-sdk:build in owa scaffolding for OpenMRS modules
  5. Implementing choose-language AngularJS component for switching between languages and more!

Please see the dashboard for details. It is worked on by @SolDevelo’s developers @adamg and @tmarzeion. We are looking forward to seeing more contributors and finish the sprint by the end of January!

Thanks @raff for organising these sprints! :slight_smile: In addition to the calendar, do we plan to also update the spring list here?

This usually links to the sprint page where we can add ourselves as sprint participants.

I’d rather seeing the page fixed to be less repetitive. It should be enough to enter the sprint details in one place :slight_smile: Currently one needs to do it in JIRA, calendar, wiki and post to talk. Seems like not that much, but if you do it every week or every other week it’s annoying.

How about if we replace the content of that wiki page with a link that says “check out”.

(And, I just added that tag to this thread.)

@darius, sounds great to me!