Open Web Apps module v1 released

Hello all,

We are happy to announce Open Web Apps(OWA) module version 1 has been released.

I would like to thank @sunbiz and @sandeepraparthi for developing this module. Thank you @darius for pushing us to release the module :slight_smile: and @pascal for trying it out.

OWA Module is uploaded at

Documentation for developers to create apps can be found here - Module source code is here -


Awesome! Thanks @n_nehete, @sunbiz, @sandeepraparthi & @darius.

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I’m pretty excited to see this, but the first time I tried to start OpenMRS with this module, I got an error:

Caused by: javax.servlet.ServletException: FileServlet init param ‘basePath’ is required.

Peeking at the code it seems to me that before starting the module I have to manually set the owa.appFolderPath global property. Is this right? Can’t we set this by default to a folder like /owa in the OpenMRS application directory?

Full error on pastebin.

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I have replicated the issue. We are setting default value for appFolderPath variable but not on startup of module. I have created this issue in GitHub:

I will make change and commit.

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Thanks for the fix @n_nehete. v1.1 of the module released to module repo