Open Web App Generator

Hey @pascal ,

Thanks for your work on the OWA generator! We’ve just used it and it is awesomely simple! Would you have some time to add livereload to the generator as I did in this commit:

? Basically it triggers deploy-local whenever we make any change in a file.

Also we’re trying to figure out how to load the LOCAL_OWA_FOLDER variable from a separate file, which is not versioned in git so that devs can freely modify it without committing changes. If you know of any quick way, please do let us know.

Lastly, I would love us to be able to use (replacement for livereload and more).


Sure, I’ll create a ticket for myself to add live reloading. I’m using environment variables to easily preset/change OMRS_OWA_LOCAL_DIR for the generator. Could you use something like that?


Thanks Pascal!

For the variable I meant to be able to change it after the project was generated so that when devs clone it, they can change the variable freely and git doesn’t prompt to commit that change. Here’s the proposed change:

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Okay, I see what you mean. I’ll create a ticket.

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:tada: Version 0.2.0 Released :tada:

Thanks to @raff for the suggestions and testing! Version 0.2.0 of the OWA generator comes with Browsersync support, which includes hot reloading, CSS injection, interaction sync between browser instances and more.

Config has been pulled out into a separate file to help developers on different platforms collaborate on OWAs more easily.

To upgrade your current installation, run:

npm install -g generator-openmrs-owa

Full documentation here.