Open Source Immunization Evaluation and Forecasting

I recently posted this in the Software category but it was suggested that this category might be more appropriate.

My company develops and supports an open source immunization evaluation and forecasting service called ICE built on top of OpenCDS and released under an LGPL v3 license. As far as I can tell, OpenMRS does not have this capability at all and our Open Source solution would be a good fit and consistent with the overall OpenMRS model and philosophy. Integration is not difficult.

We freely distribute the software and a default set of rules that support (as of now) the 15 core vaccines and their schedules as defined in the US by ACIP, a Federal advisory committee that works closely with CDC. It is loosely coupled: a system that wants an evaluation and forecast sends a web services call in HL7 vMR format with some key data (patient date of birth, gender, immunization history expressed as vaccine codes and dates of administration, and if relevant a disease indicator for something like chicken pox) and the service returns for each dose in the history whether the dose is valid according to the rules, and for each vaccine series (DTP, MMR, etc.) whether the series is complete or not. If not, the service indicates when the next dose is due. So this functionality goes well beyond simply counting doses to see if a patient has had the right “number.”

My company supports the product and default rules which are developed with a panel of experts. For the past 14 months we have had some external support to keep the project going which has been very helpful. The rules could likely be modified pretty easily for a country-specific schedule or a WHO schedule.

I could go on. I have spoken to my colleagues at Regenstrief about this before but never was able to generate any interest (Shaun Grannis, Paul Biondich). Would love to see this move forward.

Feel free to contact me offline ( if you’d like to discuss. I would be happy to do a presentation and demonstration via webinar if anyone is interested.

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