Open MRS Test Order

Hi I am implementing test order section. I have done most of the Patient Dashboard features including drug order, document upload etc as well as appointment scheduling and patient registration. Now I have stranded completely on how to implement test order properly. (We don’t want to use Open Elis etc). We want to implement complete Lab Test Procedure using pure OpenMRS.

Would you please guide us how to start and implement this section, with couple of test example. It will be really helpful for other developers too as this is probably the most complex area for front end developers. I have read few topics already, but most exciting and helpful one I found is here:

This is how I am creating a test order by doctor/nurse:

Use Case 1: Test Order

  1. Create new “Encounter” encounterType = “test order”

2: Create new “TestOrder” concept: “COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT” dateActivated: “Order Date” orderType: “testorder”

3: Create 12 Observations for All tests under “COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT”.

HEMATOCRIT,Hemoglobin,MEAN CELL HEMOGLOBIN CONCENTRATION…etc Example 1st Obs: concept = : “HEMATOCRIT” valueDatetime = “Test result date” value = “Observation value will be emty to be filled up by pathologist”

Use Case 2: Specimen Collection:

If Order step is OK than how do I do"Specimen Collection by Nurse" (It should be a different encounter right? Then what will be the observations?)

Use Case 3: Pathologist entering Test result Pathologist will update observation values here. .