Open MRS in large hospitals

Hello everybody – I was wondering if anybody was aware of a case study or academic paper on a successful implementation of OpenMRS in a large (300 bed ++) Acute care hospital? I’m currently undertaking a PhD in the adoption and implementation of electronic medical records in low resource settings and I’d much appreciate anyone’s help with tracking down information about open source medical record systems in acute care settings

@arbaughj and @ssmusoke i believe you guys can be of good help to this case.

Writing an OpenMRS case study about University Hospital in Mirebalais (Haiti) is on my to do list. I hope to get to it in the next month or 2. @oliebolz If you have specific areas of interest, send them to me. I’ll try to touch on them.

It would be a short case study and covered partially in here:

that’s a really good start - i look forward to seeing the final - if you need an editor I’d be happy to help