Open Elis- local database connection is success but project is not running---if using VM database, project running but printing is not success. shoeing 500 error

I have included the file in google drive. Please check this. As I am a new user, forum is not allowing to upload me file… I have included every screenshot here

Tomcat Log

I am using postgresql version 13 for open elis… will it create problem?

if you see the error, it says if its trying to connect with the following details and failing.

jdbcUrl → jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/clinlims, properties → {user=, password=}

  • How did you install openelis?
  • Is localhost the server address?
  • does the server allow connections from the IP address of the appserver?

(and Bahmni OpenELIS has not been tested with Postgres 13, only with 9.6 so far)