Open Concept Lab Squad Call 2021-10-06

Given the OpenHIE conference is taking place this week, attendance on the OCL Squad call was low. Those of us who joined decided we should share updates asynchronously this week.

So, please feel free to share any updates here.

/cc @jwnasambu @suruchi @michaelbontyes @grace @paynejd @ball @mogoodrich @akanter

Thanks @burke. I have been working on this issue which required me to:

  1. Add a toggle to toggle between sources and dictionaries and only show one at a time.
  2. Introduce a search box, i.e., a blank text field that we can use to filter the shown sources and dictionaries then get into how we do the filtering later.
  3. Add a technique called “infinite scroll” to be able to continuously load more sources / dictionaries from the backend as the user scrolls. Apparently am on the second step and am grateful to @ibacher for your mentorship. This is the ticket PR

I’ve got the PIH dictionary imported to staging on OCL and now have a matching collection for it, but have run into issues with this pair being recognized as a dictionary within the Dictionary Manager. (#1018)

I’m starting the process of applying the OpenMRS custom validation schema to CIEL. (#1027)

Working through issues we’ve run into with OCL, like how we use & define concept codes and validation rules for concepts.