Open Concept Lab sprint 2

We are sprinting for the next 2 weeks (until Nov, 15th) on the Open Concept Lab integration with OpenMRS. Thanks to @SolDevelo we have 3 developers (@adamg, @tmarzeion and @lkukielka (who joined the team yesterday)) working full time on the sprint! We welcome all dev contributors, so if you have some spare time, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Open Concept Lab (OCL) is a service providing a way to manage and collaborate on a concept dictionary. As part of the sprint we continue to develop the Open Concept Lab subscription module, which communicates with OCL via REST and imports concepts.

The main goal of this sprint is to add support for subscribing to collections defined in OCL and integrate the module with Reference Application.

As part of the sprint we’ll make the module run on the latest platform 2.0.0 preserving backwards compatibility up to platform 1.9.11. We’ll also migrate UI to OWA, introducing REST endpoints so the module can run on plain platform.

For a full scope follow the sprint dashboard (expect more issues to be added).


Thanks @raff and @SolDevelo for the great initiative! :smile: Do you plan to update this page?

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Maybe @cpower or @jeffneiman can help with that.

@raff do you mean lack of permission to update that page? :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa, the page wasn’t edited since February and no one seemed to care. For me it’s a sing it needs to be rethought. Anyway added the sprint there.

@raff that is because we either have not had sprints, or the sprint leaders forgot to update it with their ongoing sprints. I was simply going through our getting started as a developer page which has a link to it for newbies to find the current sprint. They may have missed this communication on talk and that page would be how they would know this! :smile:

But that being said, am open to improving that page. Updating it like you have done is better than not. So thank you so much!!! :smile: