Open Concept Lab Module

Hello everyone here; I have successfully installed the Open Concept Lab Module 1.2.0 in my OpenMRS v 1.9.9 as required in the documentation. But This module can’t be completely implemented until i install a specific module only called " 2.17-SNAPSHOT " other features of this module can’t be implemented. I was looking for that module , but i didn’t find it as a “.omod” file. would you please help me to find the omod file of the " 2.17-SNAPSHOT " module? Thank you

Not sure that the OCL module is open to everyone at the moment as it requires registration on OCL. The REST question notwithstanding, might want to check with @paynejd to ensure that you can connect it up.

The idea is that you can install any version of the module, 2.17-SNAPSHOT or higher. I suggest you get the latest version from

@darius Thank you, but the problem is that the Open Concept Lab Module 1.2.0 requires the version 1.9.9 of OpenMRS, however the the latest version ( or higher versions) of the module require the version 1.9.10 of OpenMRS :confused:

Doesn’t that mean 1.9.9 and above? Hence inclusive of 1.9.10?

NO :smiley:

Can you share the exact error message you get on trying to run the module on platform 1.9.10?