"Oops! An unexpected error occurred." and "Found Modules with unresolved dependencies"

Hello there, when I launch Ozone on docker, I get these errors “Oops! An unexpected error occurred.” and “Found Modules with unresolved dependencies” after initialSetup step. Sometimes the initalSetup step fails and redirects to the /openmrs/ endpoint with “Status Report” saying “The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.”

Has anyone been able to successfully launch Ozone on docker? I have tried many times with clean docker on 3 machines. Thanks.

Hi @zotis, thanks for reporting your issue here.

At first sight and based on what you wrote it looks like there’s an issue with OpenMRS 3 itself. The current Docker configuration just attempts to launch the bleeding edge version of OpenMRS 3 with which there’s issues right now. We shouldn’t do that of course but until we actually release Ozone 1.0.0 we will keep running onto such problems.

@achachiez, any pointers?

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@zotis thanks for trying it out. As @mksd has mentioned this could be because of an upstream breaking change. We are working towards a stable version of Ozone and this shouldn’t be an issue after that. We will keep you posted once this is done.


FYI @raff @ibacher @corneliouzbett

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Thanks all for your responses. FYI - The other components (Odoo, etc) timed out as well. Not sure if it’s linked to Openmrs3 as well.