Onkeypress make radio button selected :

Hi team members , Am currently facing an error where I need to select the Radio button Onkeypress , I tried this => work on Pastebin . I appreciate for any guidance thanks

Radio button carries onClick Listener, as for the Onkeypress its only for the input fields

yes @abertnamanya Its a great idea but how do I make it get selected onClick using " Enter key " not using mouse !

What scenario are you looking at? Please highlight the module or the ticket that your working on.

here is the ticket am working on : suggesting to make radio btn get selected onkeypress .

Try onKeyDown={this._handleKeyDown} then get the value of the selected button from the function

Ok thanks lem try those changes to see the results .

Hei @abertnamanya do you mind adding a bit of explanation or add some edit on-this-work

Hi @josephkagimu1 please use the following snippet and see if its achieving what you wanted

@abertnamanya I appreciate for the work but => HTMLInputElement , show as if is causing an error :

Give the file .tsx format

@abertnamanya thanks in advance I made it finally .