ONC ACB Certification

(Haroon Aliyar) #1

ONC ACB Certification

Question: Is OpenMRS ONC ACD certified? Could someone please help with this?

(Jan Flowers) #2

It is not certified.

(Haroon Aliyar) #3

Thank you @janflowers for the reply.

Reading through the topic, found the link https://www.medfloss.org/node/40 . As mentioned in the link, OpenMRS is MU certified by ONC. Doesn’t that make the platform ONC certified ?

(Jan Flowers) #4

I do not believe that is correct. Maybe @terry knows more?

(Haroon Aliyar) #5

@terry, could you please help me with your inputs here.


(Theresa Cullen) #6

Openmrs is not onc certified. The process is quite rigorous and requires external validation by one of the certifying bodies. In addition , there are quite specific functional requirements required for certification. Openmrs may meet most of those but I have not done a cross walk to the standards since the 2015 certification guidelines were endorsed. Hope this helps.