ONC ACB Certification

ONC ACB Certification

Question: Is OpenMRS ONC ACD certified? Could someone please help with this?

It is not certified.

Thank you @janflowers for the reply.

Reading through the topic, found the link https://www.medfloss.org/node/40 . As mentioned in the link, OpenMRS is MU certified by ONC. Doesn’t that make the platform ONC certified ?

I do not believe that is correct. Maybe @terry knows more?

@terry, could you please help me with your inputs here.


Openmrs is not onc certified. The process is quite rigorous and requires external validation by one of the certifying bodies. In addition , there are quite specific functional requirements required for certification. Openmrs may meet most of those but I have not done a cross walk to the standards since the 2015 certification guidelines were endorsed. Hope this helps.