On-boarding new devs from AMPATH to contribute towards OPENMRS 3.0

4 new devs from AMPATH are joining the community to contribute towards OPENMRS 3.0 :hugs:


glad to have them :hugs:

Who are dey? :grinning:

:smile: they will join soon!

They will introduce themselves here, we have: Sainingo, Janice, Sam and Shirleen :smiley:

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so @eachillah what is normally the plan for Interns(specifically these apart from GSOC Interns);

  1. Are they given specific projects with milestones/deliverables to work on(i know they have to get used to the community process first)?

  2. What i know is an intern needs a supervisor to whom to report either weekly or daily progress. How do you track that? I don’t think solving issues only can give a rounded mental model of system development.

  3. Does OpenMRS have this special arrangement for such cases?

cc// @grace @jennifer @christine

You are welcome @kantush …feel free to learn , teach and contribute.

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Welcome AMPATH devs!

FYI - We have a topic for people to introduce themselves to the community at om.rs/hello. I would suggest people introduce themselves there where everyone else does. :slight_smile:

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